What the world needs now …

Do you remember that Burt Bacharach classic, What the World Needs Now is heartLove?” And, by the way, if you do, Dionne Warwick wasn’t the first to sing it, even though that’s probably who you associate with it.

It was offered to her, she turned it down and it was recorded by Jackie DeShannon on March 23, 1965 in New York.

What you probably don’t know is that, in addition to Jackie DeShannon and Dionne Warwick, the Supremes also recorded it — along with more than 100 other artists.

Personally I never liked it. Always thought it was kind of sappy, with uninspiring and repetitive lyrics.

So I’m surprised it popped into my head, to be honest. Except it is Valentines Day and god knows with all the hate we seem to be engulfed in, the world could use some love right now. The song is actually more relevant than it’s ever been. I have a new appreciation for it.

And it’s made me wonder:

Maybe we could counter Trump’s revolution of hate with a revolution of our own. Every time he tweets something hateful, we tweet something loving and kind. We respond to every nasty act of his by being considerate. When he points fingers we give hugs.

Imagine if millions of people, all over the world, tweeted a single heart — at the same time, on the same day. Or posted one on Facebook. Or just smiled at everyone on the subway, in the elevator, on the street, in restaurants and cafes and supermarkets. If we took the extra minute to say “thank you.” Not just today, on Valentines Day — but every day.

We could wear little red heart pins on our lapels. Change all of our profile pictures to hearts. Add flags covered in hearts to all our flagpoles (oh come on, what’s the point of dreaming if you don’t dream big?)

I’m serious. We can do this. We can reject hatred. We can choose to be loving, instead.





4 thoughts on “What the world needs now …

  1. As a great man said, not too long ago: “Yes We Can” and then would it not be lovely
    if then, later, we could say “Yes We Did”!

    • And as my grandmother used to say, “From your mouth to God’s ear.” It would be lovely indeed. Let’s cling to that hope …

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