Accommodation wanted …

Long time dedicated city dweller seeks refuge from noise, dust, pollution, pesticides, pests, fake food, fake news, cable news, bad news, politics, pretense, phonies, tantrums, devices, notifications, updates, alarms, watches, rushing, waiting, frustration, stress, crowds, line-ups, surliness, extremes, excess and most of all, bullshit.

Year-round temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees are preferred. Would love to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and wake up to the sound of birds and wind chimes.

Pets outnumber humans three to one. Tap water is safe to drink, nothing is genetically modified, previously frozen or pre-packaged, everything is locally-grown and naturally ripened and life is simple and good. There’s no Sephora, no Costco and no need for closet organizers. How much space do jeans, shorts and T-shirts take up?

No one suffers from carpal tunnel and everyone speaks in complete sentences. People smile and laugh a lot. And say “hello” to each other and ask how you are like they mean it — which they do. They respect each other and each other’s space. It’s okay to have a difference of opinion, without things getting ugly. There are no pissing contests, axes to grind or one-upmanship. No one has anything to prove.

They’ve all been there, done that and that’s why they’re here.

Know a place? I’m ready.







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