In the WTF category …

Donna Brazile who, most recently, was the interim chairperson for the Democratic National Committee, revealed last week that Hillary Clinton had the DNC in her pocket and Bernie Sanders never had a chance.

Interesting coming from a woman who, herself, was the subject of a scandal concerning the 2016 presidential election: She twice sent emails to the Clinton campaign giving them debate questions in advance.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


Yet another member of the Hollywood elite has been accused of sexual harassment. This time it’s Kevin Spacey who allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy — in addition to many, many, many other transgressions.

In what is now becoming the norm for dealing with famous sexual predators, within days of the news breaking, the punishments came fast and furious:

Netflix announced it was ending its multi award-winning series, House of Cards and also stated they will not release the film Gore, which is currently in post-production. The Emmy Awards declared they would no longer give him the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award. His talent agency, Creative Arts, dropped him. He’s under investigation in London and a Dutch business forum cancelled his headline appearance at a conference in Rotterdam.

While the public wasn’t aware of what he was up to — and still is up to, by the way — apparently theatrical and Hollywood insiders did know.

So let me get this straight. As long as his bad, bad, bad behaviour was hush-hush it was okay to treat him with kid gloves and lavish him with praise and starring roles and big bucks and multiple award nominations — BUT — once the cat was out of the bag — well — that was a different matter entirely. Then you could be appalled.

I see.


Last Sunday a lone gunman wielding an AR15 blasted his way into a church in Texas, killing at least 26  people and injuring around 20 more. In response to yet another senseless tragedy Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, urged more people to bring guns to church. The governor of Texas, Grep Abbott, suggested that you overcome evil with love and working closer with God — as opposed to gun control legislation.

And the Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt said that the dozens of people who were killed in Texas “had gone to the right place to be shot because they were close to Jesus at the time of their death.”

Who knew that even getting slaughtered is all about location, location, location?


Perhaps it’s time to start doing some IQ testing; and if it turns out that you have the intellect of a turnip you should be forbidden from running for office, voting in an election or speaking publicly.




8 thoughts on “In the WTF category …

  1. WTF! Is absolutely correct! I have always felt mystified by Donna Brazile and perhaps a little quilts about my feelings toward her. This latest upsets me for her and democratic party. Did not anyone teach her that sometimes ( for the greater good) it is ok to keep your mouth shut!

    Not to infer this re: Harvey Weinstein et all! As you know, we have all been sexually harassed..did we speak out?! no..because usually our jobs were on the line..this was self preservation …what was the greater good…to be jobless and/or blackballed from future jobs/ and protect ourselves or to blow the whistle on the many who held control. We were helpless against the then system…( male or female..job power or church) is the continuing of this rotten behavior that pisses me. As for Texas, I cannot listen to the holier than thou speeches and so called God talk…guns should be banned that is the worse part of our interruption of our constitution “ right to bear arms” I am spending day with an art friend,Dean, at frost Museum of Science..for me being so non technical, it soothes me…and to enjoy listening to male point of view re: preserving our seas,planets, and hi tech interplanetary travel. I need the visual beauty of corals and fish to tranquilize me. Thanks for the article! Xoxo Barb

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    • There was a time I respected Donna Brazile but no more. This serves no purpose other than her trying to rehabilitate her own brand — even if it meant throwing the democratic party under the bus. And you know what? It won’t help her — she’s toast anyway.

      As for the Spacey thing, I’m not speaking out against those who he harassed or those who have been harassed by others like him. I’m talking about the honchos and decision makers who speak out of both sides of their mouths — and in so doing are complicit — not to mention hypocrites. Why didn’t they block his nominations or refuse to cast him in blockbuster films before this? Why did they keep his nasty secrets?

      The gun thing just defeats me. Cannot understand it or come to terms with it. I cannot listen to all these politicians and “lawmakers” offer up prayers, platitudes and moments of silence as a solution. It makes me want to vomit.

  2. So much here. For the most part I am speechless. The Brazile thing? I wonder who paid her off because surely someone did. Sour grapes because Hillary didn’t “protect” her? The good news is that it’s not a major election year and it will be forgotten along with her. It’s like Monica Lewinski writing a book as Hillary started her campaign. It wasn’t much of a blip. Old news. As for Bernie, much as I thought his ideals were…well..idyllic (is that a word?) it never was clear how he would get it through Congress or pay for it.

  3. Hi Fransi good to have you back – your article in whole could apply on this side of the pond unfortunately just change the names and locations – it is a sad, sad world…

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