Keep your eye on the prize …

It’s being discussed and debated endlessly, by TV anchors and pundits, by newspaper and magazine reporters and journalists and in living rooms, offices and bars all over America: “Is Joe Biden too old to be running for President?” Before Biden announced his candidacy, the question was, “Is Pete Buttigieg too young?”

With all due respect, I think these folks are missing the point. It should never have anything to do with age, but this year, in particular, I think it is a distraction that could prove to be very costly. I think the only question anyone should be asking is, “Who has the best chance of beating Donald Trump?”

Maybe you think that age is relevant, but I don’t. Because it’s highly doubtful that the next President will be elected based on age, just like the current one wasn’t. Lest anyone forget, Trump is no spring chicken himself — despite his nonsensical claim the other day, that he’s a “young, vibrant man.”

Who has the best chance of beating Donald Trump? Who has the strategy, the message, the platform, the charisma, the resilience, the endurance, the cohones, the backing, the force —  to take him on, stay the course and resonate with the majority of Americans? And get them out to vote.

America needs a warrior right now.

Not a left-leaning warrior. Not a centrist warrior. Not a young warrior. Not an old warrior. Not a veteran warrior. Not a novice warrior. Not a male warrior. Not a female warrior. Not a gay warrior. Not a straight warrior. Not a black, brown or white warrior.

Just a warrior. That’s what America needs.

And that and only that is where everyone’s focus should be, and by everyone, I also mean the DNC and the candidates themselves.

Because as this race progresses, when it becomes apparent that candidates don’t have a hope in hell, they should immediately put ego aside and get out of the way — and put their support, their energy and their followers 100% behind the candidate who can get the job done.

The job being, getting Donald Trump out of the White House, hanging on to the Democratic majority in the House, taking control of the Senate and beginning the long and arduous task of fumigating Washington, undoing Trump’s cataclysmic decisions and restoring order, honour, decency and the rule of law in the United States.

Don’t worry about a candidate being too old, too young or not your ideal choice.

Worry instead about a President who is too deranged, too corrupt, too dishonest, too vile, too stupid, too evil to have ever made it into the White House in the first place, let alone get to stay there for another four years.

The ideal candidate is the one who can and will rid the world of Donald J. Trump.


4 thoughts on “Keep your eye on the prize …

  1. OMG, yes! And here’s where I think the press would do us all a favour by re-examining what it chooses to print. Eschew the sensational or trivial and focus on what really matters.

    Excellent post.

  2. Well said, Fransi! Nominating the candidate who can beat Trump is the most important consideration. I fear, though, that everyone has different opinions as to what the winning candidate’s qualities are and who that candidate will be. So far, the Democratic contenders seem united in that quest and they haven’t been bashing one another. It will be interesting to see if they can uphold that resolve to be civil to one another as the campaigning gets more intense. There’s nothing more important right now than denying Trump a second term and restoring trust and integrity.

    • I agree Donna, with everything you’ve said. Trump will be difficult to defeat. All democrats will have to be united, with one common goal — to get rid of Trump.

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