Hmmmm …

I’m having trouble focusing lately. My mind is very busy, wandering here, there and everywhere. I’m not particularly troubled by it, there’s a lot going on in the world in general, not to mention everything that’s going on in my own, little world, so I guess it’s to be expected.

This is a time of introspection and change, that I know, and I’m good with that. What I don’t know is where it will all net out; and I guess I’m okay with that, too. As if I have a choice.

What I wouldn’t mind knowing is whether or not I can do anything to affect the changes. I’m sure I can, but I haven’t gotten that far in my navel-gazing yet. So I guess for now I’ll just have to go with the flow, wherever that takes me.

The immediate fall-out is, I can’t seem to get my head around an idea for this blog post either. There’s nothing specific I feel compelled to talk about. So here’s just a bunch of disparate thoughts, questions and observations:

If my landlord somehow screwed up my email address and I, therefore, didn’t get two emails she sent me, how can that be my fault? 

It’s a long story and really isn’t worth repeating, but when I discovered — and pointed out their error — instead of apologizing the operations manager sent our building community manager an email telling her to ignore me, that I was being unreasonable. Or at least she intended to send her the email — it came to me, in error; or, maybe she wanted me to see it, you never know. Regardless, nice customer service ethic, don’t you think?


Interesting, isn’t it, that insurance companies are very prompt about collecting their premiums, but very slow when it comes to settling claims?

Last week I blogged about Bartlett, my fur baby, and his recently-diagnosed health problems (there are some signs of improvement, by the way). Luckily I have pet insurance because to date, since August 12, I’ve submitted 12 claims. Yes, that’s how many vet visits there have been, to get us to where we are now — which is definitely a better place. Albeit a costly one.

To date they have settled just one, relatively small claim. A phone call inquiring why I was still owed so much money revealed that my vet had made a couple of mistakes with the submissions, which accounted for some of the delays and that they (the insurance company) had experienced a technology “glitch” which was responsible for the other delays.

Would have been helpful if they’d told me, don’t you think? If the situation was reversed, and there was a problem with them getting their money, you know they would have been on me like white on rice.


Despite this aggravation, I’m happy to report that there are some really nice, kind, thoughtful and decent people in this world.

Last week a neighbour and I happened to be leaving our apartments at the same time. She asked if I was okay because she hadn’t seen me in a while. I explained that I’d been busy with vet appointments.

When I returned home she’d put a book through my mail slot: The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats. With the book she also gave me the name and phone number of her vet, who practices both natural and traditional veterinary medicine. As it turns out, it was her vet who wrote the book — which is a very interesting read.

Lots to think about there. I am very happy with my vet (Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital for anyone living in Toronto) and have no intention of switching. But down the road it might make sense to go for a consultation. Maybe Bartlett would benefit from taking some natural therapies or herbs. Why wouldn’t I look into it? I’d do it for myself, why not my cat.

Very sweet of her, don’t you think?


Some inspiration (hopefully) to end with:

Maria Shriver — yes, the former Mrs. Arnold “I’ll-be-back” Schwarzenegger — writes a weekly newsletter called The Sunday Paper. It’s very good, actually. A friend sent me one a while back, which I enjoyed and I subscribed — which, in case you’re wondering, is free.

Last Sunday’s was a great reminder for all of us. Among other things, she talked about how, upon reflection after all the earthquakes and hurricanes we’ve been experiencing, she’s realized just how fragile our world is; and how important it is for us to have no unfinished business because we never know when we’ll be out of time.

She’s absolutely right. And frankly, the fear of natural disasters should not be the impetus for telling our loved ones how we feel about them … resolving differences with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues … ending bad relationships … being nice to each other … becoming better, kinder human beings … finding ways to make a difference in this world or anything else we’ve been putting off, thinking we can “do it later.”

The point is, it may already be “later” and if we keep procrastinating it could end up being  too late.


And now, as Bugs Bunny used to say: “That’s all folks.” I’ve prattled on long enough.







4 thoughts on “Hmmmm …

  1. Sometimes I find these little snippet type posts are more fun to read (and write) than the single-themed entries.

    As for the computer glitches at the insurance company – my first reaction is, “Right. Convenient excuse.”

    But then I think about a friend of mine who works for a large insurance company and her horror stories about the computer work-arounds and patches and “make-do” solutions. So, it’s not surprising that there would be errors at their end. I hear your frustration.

    • My first reaction was the same as yours. I don’t think the insurance company where your friend works is the only company — in any industry — that uses work-arounds and patches instead of properly addressing problems. Quick and cheap seems to be the mantra these days. That and screw the customer (sigh).

    • Thanks Sue. I haven’t shared snippets before. Who knows, maybe this is the start of something??? Yeah, dealing with insurance companies is never fun, but they’re a necessary evil. (Sigh).

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