Day 187. Snowed In

I actually can’t remember when the last time was we had a blizzard like this in Toronto.  On the news yesterday they said it’s been five years.  In Montreal it’s a common snowoccurrence.  But not here.

All I know is, it started snowing late afternoon on Thursday, and it snowed all night and all day Friday.

Skiers, of course, are thrilled.  We haven’t had snow until now.  Maybe a few sprinkles here and there, but that’s all.  Kids were thrilled too, but for a different reason.  Schools were closed yesterday.  And there they all were, shovelling, tobogganing, making snow angels and snowmen and having snowball fights.

Oh, to be eight years old again.

Driving was pretty hazardous, as it always is, when the first real storm of the season hits.  I’m sure the morning commute to work was an absolute nightmare.  Same with the evening rush hour.  Thank God, it wasn’t a problem for me.  For two reasons.

First, I work from home.  My commute consisted of going from my bedroom to my office.  As it does every morning.  I don’t even have to get out of my jammies, if I don’t want to.  Let alone, having to put on sweaters and heavy socks and scarves and hats and boots and warm coats and gloves.  By the time you get dressed you’re too exhausted to go anywhere.  You just want to take it all off again, and lay down.

But even if I did work in an office, I wouldn’t be driving.  Seeing as how I live downtown, I would be taking the subway, the bus or walking.  So I’d have no excuse.  There’s no storm that would stop me from getting to work.  Unlike those who live in the ‘burbs.  So people like me never get a ‘snow day’.

For the very same reason, storms never stop me from getting chores done, either.  Within a ten-minute walk, I have access to supermarkets, liquor stores, the post office, pharmacies, dry cleaners, shoe repair shops, tailors, convenience stores, hardware stores, banks, boutiques, department stores, specialty shops, movie theatres, hotels, cafes, diners, pubs, and restaurants.

There are busses at my doorstep, the subway is across the street.  Starbucks is down the street.  Two pubs and three restaurants are up the street.  My doctor is three blocks away.  There’s even several hospitals two subway stops away.

So as you can see, for me inclement weather is never an excuse.  It doesn’t get me out of doing anything.  Which, of course, has its pros and cons.

But yesterday I decided to take a snow day.  Not because I had to, obviously.  Simply because I could.

My fridge was stocked with enough food, water and juice to see me through the next few days.  My cats have all the food and litter they need.  Dry cleaning can wait. I had no need to visit clients.  I had everything I needed at home, to do client work.

If I had needed cash, which I don’t, there are two ATM machines across the street.  I have my newspapers delivered, but even if I didn’t, I can read them online.  I live in an apartment, so it’s not like I had shovelling to do.  With my iPad, I’d never run out of books to read.  So frankly, for my part, it could snow and snow and snow.

And being holed up at home all day did have its advantages.  It was a perfect time to get a lot of writing done.  Which I did.

When I wasn’t eating, cuddling with my cats, napping, eating, reading, drinking tea, watching TV, playing with my cats, resting, eating and staring out the window watching all the blowing snow.  There is definitely something to be said for snow storms.

30 thoughts on “Day 187. Snowed In

  1. The storm didn’t really hit us until last night. Getting the storm on a Friday was a plus in many ways. When I woke up the streets were already cleared. It’s pretty outside and I don’t have to do anything. Yay!

    • Good for you! It’s moved out of here too. Very cold today, but it’s sunny and clear. I will venture out soon. Craving a bowl of my mother’s chicken soup so I’ve got to get to the grocery store. Enjoy your day at home!

  2. Living close to all the amenities sure has its advantages – our last snow in was winter 2010 – living out in the sticks 12 miles from the nearest town 3 miles either side of a village left us sort of marooned but the advantage is we live just a stones throw from the beach would never want to change – did the city living thing – discarded the tee shirt!

  3. I am so jealous. None of those conveniences for me. My husband can work from home, but as a pediatric dialysis nurse I am a slave to on call emergencies, no matter the weather. One night I had to go in 3 times in an ice storm. You would think that after emergency #2 I would have just slept on an exam table!

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