Day 228. What’s Next?

I ‘celebrated’ my birthday this week.  On Wednesday.  I waited until it was safely over to mention it.  Hate making a big deal of it.  And not being such a lover of either attention or sweets, birthday cakemy preference has always been to avoid the cake and candles bit.  Especially now.

With the number of candles I’d need, once they were lit, it would look like a minor forest fire.  And I don’t honestly know if I still have the lung capacity to blow them out.  At least all at once.  Call in the fire fighters!

Never mind.  It was grand.  And it turned out to be a two-day affair.  Some work in the morning, some pampering in the afternoon and dinner with a friend on Wednesday.  Work during the day on Thursday.  Dinner, drinks, jazz and blues on Thursday night.

Several blog posts ago, I wrote about Errol Fisher, a local singer, I’ve enjoyed for years and years.  Well, lo and behold, he was performing last night at a lounge/restaurant we’ve been to before and quite like.  What better way to forget you’re a year older.

It was a great night!

My real reason for mentioning my birthday at all, though, is because I thought it would be fun to share my birthday horoscope with you.  I’m a pisces, in case you’re wondering.  Last day of pisces, as it happens.  Here’s what the Toronto Globe & Mail astrologer saw in the stars for me:

“The sun may be leaving your sign but that does not mean the good times are ending.  On the contrary, you will soon be enjoying the rewards of the efforts you’ve made in recent weeks.  Well deserved they are too.”

Well, that’s happy news, don’t you think?  I have put a lot of effort into work recently.  Nice to know it’s appreciated.  Which explains why I’ve been sitting around with a big smile on my face for the last couple of days.  Keeping busy, while I wait for the rewards.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

They also give you a ‘bonus’ horoscope in The Globe on the day of your birthday.  Can’t say mine thrilled me, but what can you do.  I also found it a bit odd.  It seemed to be ‘at odds’ with what my regular, daily horoscope said.  At least I thought so.  Let me know what you think.

“If you find yourself at odds with authority figures over the coming year you must step up and defend your interests.  Important people will respect you more if you fight for your rights — and will be more willing to compromise too.”

Who wants to fight?  To have to defend anything?  Why does everything have to be difficult?  Confrontational?  A battle?  A test of wills?  Why can’t my rights just be respected?  This is not something to look forward to.  So I’ve decided to ignore it completely.  It’s too negative.  And the power of suggestion being what it is, it is liable to ‘influence’ my whole year.  And make me grumpy and defensive.

To hell with that!

One more horoscope to share.  Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, is there?

“Angels, according to some experts on the etheric, live amongst the stars.  Whereas fairies, as even the most junior mythologists will confirm, frolic in fields and forests.  Lately, as part of our continued quest for an esoteric understanding that might help improve your quality of life, we’ve been discussing whether there really are any significant differences between these two types of winged spirit beings.  Whose help should you call for now?  It is a moot point.  Both the angels and the fairies will respond to your request.”


(finished pondering now)

Don’t know how you’re feeling, but as second opinions go, this one’s kind of bleh.  It’s left me in the dark, I must confess.

But before I go any further, allow me to clarify.  Unless I’ve been communicating with this astrologer in my dreams, I am unaware of “a continued quest for an esoteric understanding” between us.  Or a discussion.  Also, if it’s a “moot point”, why bring it up at all.  Are you beginning to understand why I am sort of experiencing a kind of lunch-b0x-letdown feeling?

What is good to know, however, is, I can call on both angels and fairies when I run into the difficulties with authority figures the Globe astrologer sees coming my way, over the next year.  It’s very comforting, indeed.

All in all, not bad.  My hard work will be appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded.  Exactly how it will be rewarded, was left out of the horoscope.  Thanks?  Who knows?  A medal?  Who knows?  A gold star?  Who knows?  An extra cherry on top of my sundae?  Who knows?

Cash?  Would be nice.  But who knows?

The other good news is, any SOBs I come across will be cut off at the pass by my team of “winged spirit beings”.  All I have to do is ask for help.  Hopefully they won’t be too busy “frolicking in the fields and forests” when I need them.  Either unwilling or unable to come to my aid in time to do any good.  Well, let’s remain positive, shall we, Fransi?

Stay tuned.  I’ll be giving you progress reports from time to time.

26 thoughts on “Day 228. What’s Next?

  1. Firstly, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and all the very best. I checked your horoscope for 2013 in the Web and find the following:

    Quote: “Pisces people may look forward to see plenty of positive changes in their lives in the year 2013. You may buy or build your own house this year. However, despite of great happenings all around you, internally you may not feel happy and contended. If you have been planning to move abroad for work or living, you may have to wait for some more time. Overall, the picture of 2013 seems positive, with some snags taking off the sheen. This year, you may be more sensitive than your usual self. Creativity may flourish. Earning power and cash flow are set to increase. Social scene for you may gain momentum.
    Domestic life will be peaceful for Pisces people this year. Shall come across someone who shall make you feel special. All the loneliness shall melt away for singles. A partner who understands you well and can bring colour to your life is just round the corner. No major health issue for Pisces people is foreseen in the year 2013. May experience a definite rise in your career prospects and success. The year looks to be especially progressive for service class people. New position, more power and more money can be expected. Hurdles plaguing business shall vanish. A new business partnership shall be advantageous to you.
    It’s a time to conquer, no matter how difficult things may appear at first. Your imaginative mind is always appreciated, however do not build castles in the year and lose touch from reality.” – Unquote
    Have fun.

    • Well, thank you for getting this for me. I’m liking it! ;). I have been talking about wanting an adventure and moving abroad for quite some time. Guess I’ll have to be a bit more patient. Also sounds like I’ll be too busy, anyway. I’ll keep you posted on how accurate this turns out to be :). Thanks again!

  2. I certainly hope you’ll be rewarded for your recent efforts! That would be a lovely birthday present! I’m glad to hear you had a nice celebration. My family decided to put all the candles on my cake plus one for good luck, and it was a bit overwhelming to see it. My kiddos helped me blow it out. I’m so glad they weren’t trick candles!

    • Well the good news is, you’re a pisces as well. So you can look forward to some rewards of your own! Yes, I think at some point, we should move from candles to a sparkler. What do you think?

    • So you don’t know what you’re missing 🙂 HaHa. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I enjoy your comments, so I will never be happy when you have nothing to say.

      • Just got the evening paper just out of curiosity I will check what they have written, Just did total rubbish in my estimation – and they also want me to waste hard earned money so they can tell me something about the stars have going for me in the coming week – not for me thanks.

      • Ok, no horoscopes for you. Nothing wrong with a little mystery. Usually it’s better to be surprised, anyway.

  3. Belated birthday wishes! I know how you feel, because I don’t like all the birthday fuss either. Didn’t even like it when I was young enough to still enjoy birthdays…

    As a belated gift, here is the PIsces entry in my zodiac series I did a few years ago. Nothing about angels or fairies… but you do get a non-winged squirrel! 🙂

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