Day 359. Old Friends

When it comes to social media I think most of us are the same.  We seem to have a love/hate relationship with it, especially with Facebook.  But as frustrated happyas I may get, I still end up in the same place:  Loving how social media keeps us connected.

Those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning know I spent some time working in the fashion industry, where I handled all the advertising and P.R. for Leo Chevalier, one of Canada’s leading fashion designers.  While it was the manufacturer of his collection of women’s dresses and sportswear I actually worked for, and while I did do some work for other lines they carried, he was the focus of most of my attention.

My office was in Leo’s design studio, on a different floor than the rest of the company.  We had great space.  Leo, his wife and his design assistant shared a HUGE office/studio.  In addition to my office, there was another one, as well.  Originally it was for the gal who ran his perfume company.  But when he closed that down, his fabric buyer moved in.  We also had an enormous stock room in the back, which was perfect for all our accessories, samples, photographs, press kits, videos, you name it.

We also had our own reception area.

Which, needless to say, meant we needed a receptionist/assistant.  We were very naughty.  We poached the company receptionist from upstairs.  We couldn’t help ourselves.  She was perfect for us.

Tall and statuesque, she owned the room the minute she walked through the door.  Larger-than-life personality.  Masses of long, curly, chestnut-coloured hair.  Flawless, peaches and cream completion.  Make-up so expertly applied, you’d have sworn she went to a professional on her way to work every day.

But I think what we loved most about her was, she tolerated no nonsense.  Not from anyone, including us.  She was a take-charge gal.  We never had to ask her to do anything.  Or explain anything.  She knew, instinctively what had to be done.  And the best way to do it.  She simply took over.  We were in the best, possible hands.

Life being what it is, nothing lasts forever.  In the fullness of time D fell in love, got married and moved on.  I’m not sure of the exact date, but I’m guessing I haven’t seen, or heard from her, for the better part of thirty-three years.  Maybe even a bit longer.

This past Saturday night, totally out of the blue, she commented on one of my blog posts.  She didn’t use her full name, just an initial and her family name.  But I was sure it was her. And in an instant, our ‘history’ all came flooding back to me.  Like I was watching a film.  I have goosebumps as I write this.  I responded, but said nothing else.  But I stared and stared at her comment.  I’d shut down my computer and then boot it up again.  I’d go back and read and re-read her comment.

Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I HAD to know.  What’s the worst that could happen?  It wouldn’t be her.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  So I screwed up my courage and replied to her comment:  “Are you who I think you are?” I asked.

“Yes”, was her answer.

Can you believe it?  I still can’t.  And I still haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face.

All those years and suddenly she was back in my life.  All because she found my blog.  It seems she’d Googled Leo Chevalier for some reason, and I showed up.  That’s all it took.

Needless to say we emailed back and forth until quite late.  In mere minutes, thirty-odd years simply evaporated.  Poof!  Just like that!!!!  She’s still married to the same guy.  She has a 29 year old son.  He’s older than she was, when she worked with us.

Could this have happened without the Internet, without social media, without Google, without my blog?  NEVER.  I’ll be sure to remember this the next time I get pissed off with something to do with technology.  And until then …

I wonder if she’s still bossy …

33 thoughts on “Day 359. Old Friends

    • I still can’t get over her finding me like that. And you’re absolutely right. People like her are the kind who really run the world. She certainly ran ours 🙂

    • It is TOTALLY amazing. I was absolutely gob-smacked. Still am. I just love that we now have the means to make stuff like this happen. And I don’t know about you and your friend on the weekend, but for us it was like all that time had never passed. We just sort of continued where we’d left off. Wild.

  1. What a great story and yes, I can feel you excitement! Similar stories have happened to my husband connecting with old school chums. I keep saying I have to set up a Facebook page but I keep putting it off. I wonder what I’m afraid of?

    • You should do it. I have re-connected with so many people I haven’t seen or talked to in years and years and years. It is really great.

  2. Fransi, I love this story!! Sometimes we think we are the only ones with fond memories about a time past and suddenly the other half of the event appears…it’s just so wonderful and to know that the lovely feelings are mutual…yay for connections! read you soon, Alexandra

  3. Hi Fransi……………wonderfull wonderful memories, I remember your contagious laughters and the joie de vivre in the huge studio on De Maisonneuve. It was like a family and it felt good when Leo referred to Michel and me as the children.

    • My God! How are you? We were a family. And I remember when he used to call you the children. It was such a great atmosphere, you’re right. Fabulous memories. How lucky we were to be part of that.

      • We were blessed in so many ways and had great times in a very genuine, pure way. Do you remember the Friday moussaka prepared by the mama at the Greek restaurant downstair from the office and in contrast the oh! so fabulous Christmas Eves at Leo’s and Monica at Le Chateau?

        Doing ok, living in AZ, which helps the sixty some years old set of bones!

      • Of course I remember. Arizona. Good for you. Nothing wrong with being nice to your bones . Mine could use some year-round sunshine for sure.

      • Well, be welcome for a visit……….promised…….. I will do all the cooking and let you do the dishes!
        Something is in my mind if I may….do you hear from Monica at times?

      • As I recall, you’re a fabulous cook, so count me in. I’m happy to do the dishes. Monica. I did hear from her all the time. We did keep in touch over the years. But I am the bad one. I drifted away last year. No reason. I wasn’t feeling terrific (thyroid) and it was taking all my energy to drag myself around and get my client work done. I am guilty about it, so I am going to give her a call one of these days. I am guessing you’re not in touch.

      • I hope this health issue had since been resolved and that your energy is full speed again, you always had so much.

        Remember the press kit photos shooting at these 2 photographers studio… and the not so tall hairdresser climbing the ladder to fix Monica’s hair…..

        The last I heard from Monica was shortly after Mamita’s passing. All my attempts to find her were in vain. May be one day………….but please whenever you talk to her bring her my very best.

      • Thanks. Not 100% but I try not to let it get to me. Wow, you are taking me on quite a trip down memory lane! It’s wonderful. So you haven’t spoken to Monica in a long time. I will definitely give her your best whenever I get in touch. I’m curious. How did you find my blog?

      • Was just talking to my current boss about my long gone fashion days and wanted him to have an idea, I googled Leo Chevalier and found a CBC Vintage video that I could share with him……….then you were not too far away and I found your blog……how wonderful this is! I am not the greatest fan of social media but have to use Linkedin for work and there you were too! What a treat!

      • I actually love social media. We should connect on LinkedIn. I will send you a request.

    • I also reconnected with a gal I worked with at my very first job. And so many other people from my many past lives. I love it.

  4. About nine years ago, before the days of Facebook, I found a dear friend through an old school friends website. I discovered she had been looking for me, too. She had changed her email address since she posted on this site, but her sister was also on it. Her sister had also changed her email address, but I was able to find a work address for her via Google.
    My old friend and I had inadvertently lost contact in our mid-20s because we moved countries, changed names and addresses etc, in the days when you could only try to trace someone through the phone book.
    Now we are the closest of friends again, even though we live in different countries (Australia and New Zealand). We have visited each other many times and she did a reading at my wedding in 2006.
    If it weren’t for email and now Facebook, Skype etc, we wouldn’t be able to keep in contact so easily. I’ve also reconnected with some other old friends through Facebook. In fact, I have nothing bad to say about FB! People over 30 seem to get all hung up about privacy issues—but none of my young students know what they’re worried about. If current news stories are to be believed, we’re all being monitored all the time anyway and short of withdrawing from all social media, we can’t avoid it.

    • I completely agree with you. And what you put on social media is up to you. Whatever I consider “private” doesn’t go on Facebook or anything else. It’s not like anyone is rifling through your drawers. I honestly don’t understand what’s got everyone’s knickers in a twist. I love it. I love re-connecting, I love meeting new people, from all over the world and I love how easy it is to keep in touch and keep up to date with friends and family. So many wonderful things wouldn’t be possible without it. You and I would never be having this conversation, for that matter.

    • She found me, like you did. Same thing happened with Katou. Did you know her? It is just too bizarre. Leo is re-connecting us 🙂

      • Hi Fransi, how strange I was just thinking about you…………..Dorinda……….dark hair almost black, beautiful skin and eyes, she was your assistant?

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